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Handy Seamless Transitions

The Tool Every Creative Needs

It's 1:30 am, your coffee is cold, and eyes strained as you continue a 14-hour video editing marathon. You sit back in your chair and wonder where did the time go. It's hour 50 of the 55 hours you budgeted for this project. As you look at your todo list to see what's left you celebrate a little on the inside because you realize you're one small to …

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30 Best After Effects Templates 2018

If you use After Effects and you're looking to save time, create beautiful videos, and learn some really cool techniques along the way then this is the article for you. After Effects templates are used by both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. And we've put together a list of some really good ones. …

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15 Must-Watch Premiere Pro Tutorials 2018

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but there is no better time in the history of our world to be either a video hobbyist or professional. Not only is the camera technology powerful and affordable, but you also have a plethora of talented teachers giving away knowledge on their craft for free on Youtube. That's why I've put together this list of …

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