We all want to make our videos visually stunning, but we shouldn’t sacrifice communication for visuals. Because at the end of the day, the goal of any video isn’t to look beautiful – it’s to tell a story. And that’s where After Effects Title Templates can help.

Sometimes visuals are unable to communicate a piece of important information or a transition to a different location that needs to be highlighted. An example would be changing scenes from the streets of London to Madison Square Garden in New York. Such a change deserves something that can make sure the uninformed (aka someone that doesn’t watch Knicks Basketball) understand that change has happened.

Another example is during an documentary or interview. You want to provide info on who is speaking especially when you’re changing speakers every few minutes.

The easiest way to communicate in any situation and most certainly the ones I’ve listed above, is by using one of the After Effects Title Templates in this article. But wait, aren’t titles only used at the beginning of videos? Yes, if you are a beginner video creator. But for us seasoned veterans we know that not only can we fit titles in anywhere, but we can display them in many different ways that enhance the story.

Below are a list of After Effect Title Templates that will help you clearly communicate information that your visuals can’t or to reinforce important details. These After Effects Title Templates have been hand picked and I believe they will help you make your best videos yet. And to make this list even better here is some good news, you can download every single one of these templates.

For a limited time, you can get your first month of Envato Elements for free and download every After Effects Title Template on this list plus a lot more.

Why Are These The Best After Effects Title Templates?

I have a list of free after effects templates, but those items are not guaranteed to be maintained and are not required to have the technical standard that items on this list are held to.

Minimal Typograpy Opener

Glitch Titles Sequence

BOX Titles and Lower Thirds for After Effects

Black And White – Titles And Typography

Title Animations

Dynamic Titles

Titles Collection

BOX Auto Resizing Titles Pack

NASTY | Typography

Big Bold Typography

Mood Typography and Titles

Giant Typography

Simple Lower Thirds

New Hype Typography

Animated Titles Pack

Minimalist Titles

TypOpener – Modern Titles

Minimal Typography

Typography Promo Pack

3D Titles – Unique Element 3D Scenes

Glitch Titles

Designer Titles

Minimal Lower Thirds

Promo Trailer Titles 4K

Titles Pack

Big Titles -Typography

Professional Titles v1

Unusual – Titles And Typography

Big Titles Pack

Glitch Titles

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