30 Best After Effects Templates 2018

If you use After Effects and you’re looking to save time, create beautiful videos, and learn some really cool techniques along the way then this is the article for you. After Effects templates are used by both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. And we’ve put together a list of some really good ones.

Before we get into the list of the Best After Effects Templates of 2018, be sure to remember that you should never just buy an After Effects template for single use. These files, like many templates, are full of knowledge and give you a chance to look behind the curtain to see how the wizardry is done. So, use these templates to both save time and make beautiful videos, but don’t leave it there. Spend time dissecting the template and you’ll get more than what you paid for (If you like learning, check out our list of the Best Premiere Pro Tutorials of 2018. With that being said…let’s jump into the list!

1. Youtube Kit After Effects Template by NinjaTeam

The more videos you can create as a Youtuber, the more likely your channel will grow. So spend more time shooting video and less time polishing the look of your Vlogs. This Youtube Kit is perfect for those who want to make their YouTube channel pop! Just drop your image or video, edit the text, add audio and enjoy your extra free time.
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2. Blade 6 Titles by therealist

The “BLADE” After Effects template is packed with 60 titles, lower-thirds, logos, and quotes. These many elements make it difficult to run out of options with this template. Included is a slick design and fluid animation on all titles with no additional plugins necessary.
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3. Slideshow by x_studio

Curate a list of your favorite pictures and videos. Put those media items in this After Effects template. Arrange as needed and play with the light leaks, colors, and other options. Drink coffee or tea while it renders and be thankful for how easy this process is. Think about how awesome it is that you no longer need additional plugins to create projects like this. Also, let your clients know that you can create a fantastic slideshow for them or their clients.
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4. Video Maker by RTFX | VideoHive

Video Maker is a multi-purpose After Effects Template. That means that this template has premade templates to help you with promotional videos, music videos, slideshow presentations, social media videos, and is easily customizable to do whatever else you need it to do. It comes with more than 500 assets including effects, texts, and transitions elements. With video tutorials included, you’ll also have the help you need to make sure your video comes out perfect.
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5. Call Outs by therealist

Call Outs Image
If you need to bring attention to an item than a Call Out is your go to. This project file comes with 33 Basic Callouts, 6 Multi Callouts, Charts, Scripted Percentage Loaders, and wors with After Effects versions CS4 -- CC 2018. And best of all, no plugins required!
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6. Typography Slideshow by Alex-Rosh

Typography Slideshow Image
Typography Slideshow is an After Effects Template that lets you easily create stunning typographical animated slides. Perfect for a presentation or to call out a quote in your videos. There are no additional plugins required, and the video tutorials are included to guide you through the process.
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7. Animated Letters & 10 Titles Layout by PLANKY

Animated Letters and Titles Image
This Animated Letters and Titles After Effects Template will have you creating eye-catching typography in no time. Just use the drag & drop workflow, choose your color, set your animation and duration, and you’re done. And if that’s not easy enough, let the video tutorial guide you in the creation process.
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8. Stomp Typography by Sm-motion

Typographic Promo Image
Not long ago Apple released a fast typographic ad that had the internet and marketing agencies buzzing. This After Effects template allows you to create the same thing. Using well-timed and fast-paced typography with rapid transitions and perfect text animations. It’s easy to edit and even easier to dissect and learn from. Use it to make the perfect intro or opener.
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9. Intro After Effects Template by x_studio

The Intro Image
This fast-paced, beautiful intro template requires no additional plugins, comes in 2 versions, supports After Effects CS5+, and was created with ease of use in mind. And with a lot of options, you can make something both beautiful and uniquely your own.
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10. Youtube Intro by andwhiteley

Youtube Intro Image
If you’re making videos on Youtube, you need an eye-catching, attention-grabbing intro. This After Effects template gives you just that. Even better, it offers quick and easy customization, no additional plugins required, fast rendering, and works with photos and video.
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11. Urban Broadcast by ae-rocket

Urban Broadcast Image
Looking to create a promotional video or add a broadcast feel to your videos? If so, you should download Urban Broadcast. This modular template requires no additional plugins, is CS6+ CC compatible, and is ideal for those with a Youtube channel or doing client work.
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12. Self Resizing Call-Outs by flikmotion

Self Resizing Call Outs Image
Using the BOXD self-resizing box system for After Effects and Premiere Pro, this After Effects template allows you to make stunning and modern call-outs. It works with any font, is easy to use, has 25+ animated call-outs, fast rendering, and requires no additional plugins. Take a look for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be impressed.
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13. Instagram Stories Bundle by abrial

Instagram Stories Bundle Image
You cannot go wrong with making beautiful, attention deserving Instagram stories. With 128 Instagram Stories in this pack, you will have all the tools you need to make Instagram Stories that stand out from the hundreds of millions of other users. With no plugins required and created to be easily customizable, you or your client will have amazing stories ready to share in no time.
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14. Urban Cinematic Media Opener by TranSMaxX on Envato Elements

Urban Cinematic Media Opener Image
Create a dynamic, urban video of city life with this cinematic opener.
With full control, you can create something unique for you. You only need to change the text, drop in your photo or video, add your audio and hit render.
After Effects CS5.5 or higher software, 25 fps, easily customizable, 21 placeholders for text and media (photo or video), 21 unique scenes, Modular structure, and made 100% in After Effects
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15. Glitch by StenLogo

New Glitch Image
Glitch Transitions continue to be popular, and there’s no sign they’ll be slowing down. Fortunately for you, this simple to use After Effects template is perfect for those looking to add this effect to their videos. Just add your images and/or videos, write your text, and you’re done!
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16. Instagram Stories by EasyEdit

Instagram Stories Images
This pack of stylish Instagram Stories is split into the 10 most common Ad categories found on Instagram: basic (titles), beauty, business, carousel, education, sale, sport, stomps, travel, and video template.
Simply add your photo or video, change text and save. It’s as simple as that. Included in the template are 52 special graphic elements for insta stories (ex. arrows, hands, lower thirds and more). Included in the file are Free updates.
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17. Liquid Animation Titles by motionvids

Liquid Animation Titles Images
Need a modular and well-organized title animation? This opener after effect template is ideal for promoting just about anything. The elements are pre-rendered into .mov files with a JPEG + Alpha codec, and you can easily create title animations with the included text preset or by using existing ones.
With a simple drag and drop workflow you can start building anything you want.
Included in the Template:
110 Animated Strokes
9 Text Scenes (easily create more)
1 Text Preset
Video Tutorials
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18. Big Pack of Elements by Motion-Land

Big Pack of Elements
With over 1850 4K, 60 FPS items you can say that this Elements pack has it all. You wouldn’t be far from the truth if you believed it. With more backgrounds, typography, objects, shapes, icons, transitions, and presets than you could use in 50 projects, you’re sure to find what you need here. Don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself.
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19. Titles and Lower Thirds by flikmotion

Titles and Lower Thirds Image
Create eye-catching, modern, self-resizing titles. Using a lightweight system with simple text layers, you can create boxes around anything you type. Incredibly simple to use. Just start typing and it works!
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20. Notification Package by PLANKY

Notification Package Image
This professional Notification Package includes 22 notifications, 20 placeholders for your media files, 59 placeholders for your texts, “In & Out” animation with duration control, a modular structure, Drag & Drop workflow and much more! This is a useful template for those looking to provide extra context to their videos.
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21. Lower Thirds by therealist

Lower Thirds Image
Get professional lower thirds with 1 Click duration and In-Out animations all without needing a plugin. Works with After Effects version CS4 and higher.
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22. Motion Titles Animated by Muko

Motion Titles Animated Images
Take your Titles to the next level using this easy to use project file meant to save time. Simply place your text, use any font you want, and choose from one of 85 animations. Best of all, no plugins required!
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23. TypoKing | Title Animation -- Kinetic Typography Text by Pixflow

Typoking AE PR Inline Images
Animated titles can provide just the extra polish you need to make your videos more enjoyable. Also, they’re great if you’re making videos for Instagram or Facebook. Give this one a try. With over 500 animated titles you’re sure to find one (or twenty) that’s perfect for any project.
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24. YouTube Essentials by vystina

Youtube Essentials Images
This is a great starter kit for those needing to refresh their Youtube channel or launch a new one all together. With 4 lower Thirds, 8 logo reveals, 6 transitions, 6 ending screens, and much more, you’ll have no problem creating videos you’re proud to share.
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25. Youtube Promo Kit 2.0 by Pixrate

Youtube Promo Kit 2.0 Image
If you’re looking to start a Youtube channel or take the visuals of your channel to highest level, this is the Youtube pack for you. Not only are the scenes beautiful, the pack includes:
-- 20 Channel Openers
-- 25 Logo Reveals
-- 25 Broadcast Titles
-- 10 Headings
-- 20 Lower Thirds
-- 70+ Social Media Variations (links)
-- 25 Transitions
-- Info Bars + Shapes + Elements
-- Social Buttons (Subscribe Buttons)
-- Easy Customization
-- Premier Ready
This is definitely the pack for you if you don’t mind the $65 price tag. But to be honest, that’s a steal because it probably took close to 500 hrs of work to create…
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26. Trending Titles by fox_vox

This collection of 30 title animations can provide your videos with an extra bit of polish to engage your viewer. Created with ease-of-use in mind, you can quickly change color, text, size, opacity, and duration of any title animation.
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27. Dynamic Urban by foxd1e

Dynamic Urban Image
Openers are a great way to start off any video and this Dynamic Urban template can provide your next video an engaging visual experience to draw in the attention of your viewers. With a modular structure and Fast Render time, you should have no problem adding this to your next project.
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28. Motion Graphics Pack by PLANKY

Motion Graphics Images
Motion Graphics are a must-have for anyone making videos and this pack is one of the best. Get 100+ Animated Elements, 9 ready for use scenes, with a Drag & Drop workflow, and video tutorials to guide you along the way if needed. Definitely check this one out.
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29. Transitions by flikmotion

50 Transitions Images
Need a small pack of transitions that won’t break the bank? Then this is the transitions pack you’re looking for. It’s filled with 50 simple transitions that any animator should have. You can use this to transition between images or footage, and the drag and drop editor means you can add your transitions quickly and move on to other parts of your edits.
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30. Handy Seamless Transitions by videolancer

Handy Seamless Transitions Images
If you’re looking for transitions that can help you achieve an interesting look, then this is the pack for you. With over 1200 transitions you can easily add some character to any type of video whether it’s a slideshow, trailer, promo, music video, broadcast, movie, presentation, or even film! While the transitions are complex, this pack is easy to use by all levels of After Effects users.
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Think we missed a few or believe your project should be on the list? Send us an email here.

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