There are thousands of free After Effects Templates and Packs online. With so many options how do you find them and even more importantly, how do you identify the best ones? I know you’re busy shooting and editing the next viral video and it’s too time-consuming to go through the whole internet to find the best free after effects templates. So I’ve taken it upon myself to do that for you!

Below is a list of over 75 free dope templates and the list will continue to grow! I’ve also arranged the items so that it’s all on one page and easy to navigate. Each week as I find new items (or receive them via email submission) I’ll add them to the list. If you have an item that you’re proud of send it so I can add it (Yes, you can use this site to promote yourself!!!)

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One last thing, this article also includes premium After Effects Templates along with the 75+ Free After Effects Templates. This video will show you how to download the Premium Templates for FREE !!!.

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Now let’s get started!

FREE Premium After Effects Templates

You may not have read my post on Envato Elements Review yet and if not then you’re missing out on the greatest service for videographers and creatives of all types. I’ve worked out a deal where you can get your first 30 days for FREE! After which you can cancel or renew for $33 per month. Your free 30 days gets you unlimited downloads and commercial usage of over:

You should definitely check it out if you create videos for you or a client (pro tip: invoice your client the $33 for Elements). Below are a few of my favorite After Effects Files on Elements! Again, you can get access to all of these templates PLUS MUCH MORE for $33 per month. It’s the best deal online for creatives like you and me!


Glitch Trailer

Urban Slideshow

Fast Opener

Music Event Promo

Sliding Opener – Photo Slideshow

Dynamic Urban

Modern fashion promo

Stomped Opener

130 Titles Lower Thirds

Elegant 3D Shatter Logo

Logo Build

Modern Youtube Channel

Gold Clean Titles 4K (2.3)

Free After Effects Tutorial + Project Files

Here’s a list of some of the best Tutorial + Project Files you can find for After Effects. These files include the finished product of a tutorial and allow you to easily follow along or to just use the file as per the license the creator grants you.
If you have an item you’d like to be added to the list you can submit your file here.

1 . FREE After Effects Tutorial + Project Files (Free)

Make After Effects easy with this straightforward tutorial + FREE project files! This one of a kind bundle includes guides for all levels of experience. Helpful project files are also included that will teach you the fundamentals you can later build onto. The download is free, and no purchase is necessary. Range of topics include: precomposing, masking, keyframing, and motion tracking techniques. You will learn how to combine visual elements to produce the stunning video desired. By learning videography, adding elements to your videos will create emotion and aesthetic appeal. Learn how to add natural-looking effects fast with inside tips . The project files included can be used for you to follow along to the YouTube video. After effects makes the difference in video quality. Why wait when you can learn the basics in just 20 minutes?

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

2. 15 FREE ANIMATED Lower Thirds for Premiere + AE Project File | RocketStock (Free)
Lower thirds is a fundamental, yet hard to master part of creating a video. This free bundle works smoothly through Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The technique of lower thirds used to be a difficult task in videography, but now it is just a click away from being accomplished in your video. 15 FREE ANIMATED lower thirds templates and project files will help you to achieve the longed-for effects in your videos. Make projects simpler with the free templates which you can edit and customize—no need to open after effects! You can add your font or change the color palette using the essential graphics panel. With the exclusive designs by Rocketstock, your video projects will strike professionalism without the effort. Enjoy a clean and native process using the free download.

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

3. Adobe After Effects CC Motion Tutorial + FREE PROJECT FILE | JY Motion (Free)  

Learn how to make smooth and clear motion in After Effects CC with this free tutorial. INCLUDES FREE PROJECT FILE. Motion can be tricky, especially if you are just starting out in Adobe After Effects, so why struggle? The tutorial is under 10 minutes long, and it is quick and easy to understand. The included project file makes the tutorial even better, allowing you to learn along with the video. Motion not only helps text look professional, but can be used all throughout your projects. What is covered in the tutorial will be the backbone for all your video projects in After Effects CC. The tutorial goes over basic text motion effects that give insider tips and tricks. The tutorial is for all levels of skill! Perfect for beginners as well! Free and quick, perfect for the busy learner!

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

Short Upbeat Intro

Envato presents a one of a kind intro with an upbeat vibe! Modern, sleek, and professional, Envato graphics never fails in their templates. For a limited time get a FREE 30 DAY Trial of Envato Elements! The unique design is fully customizable. You can change the color control and adjust it to fit your video’s style. Full HD quality is offered in the Short Upbeat Intro and will be sure to add a welcoming aesthetic to your video project. Intro is 41 seconds long, resolution is 1920 x 1080, and the file size is only 11.6MB. Perfect for any video project that is looking to attract your viewer’s attention without any effort. Works fast in After Effects CC and incudes a PDF tutorial.

4. After Effects Tutorial – HUD Animation (Free)  

HUD animation is difficult and can take years for some to master just right. This simple and detailed tutorial covers everything you will need to know on HUD animation. HUD animation truly makes the UI look thorough and complex and will provide the effect you have been longing for. Dynamic and sleek, Dope Motion’s tutorial gives all the juicy tips and tricks many novice’s wants. You can understand and learn how to make great HUD animations in under 25 minutes, and the video comes with FREE PROJECT FILES! All professionals learn from somewhere, and project files give the extra guidance needed to feel one-on-one with instructions. Outstanding tutorial from Dope Motion and we highly recommend for all wanting to learn HUD Animation easily and quickly.

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

5. After Effects Tutorial – NBA Lights – EASY! (Free)

Learn how to recreate an aesthetic NBA Lights effect you can apply to all your video developments! C.M. de la VEGA guides the viewer in an easy 15-minute tutorial. You can learn how to produce a neon look in only 15 minutes with FREE project files! We highly recommend for all levels of creators who want to master After Effects. Simple and easy to understand, even from a beginner’s perspective. VEGA’s tutorials never are a downer, and you will learn how to create an authentic NBA Light vibe that is replicated from the official commercial! Get profession with this free NBA Lights Tutorial with the included (and most helpful) project files! Fantastic quality files will help you to follow along to the virtual instructor.

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

6. After Effects Tutorial: Particles Explosion in After Effects – Free Project File (Free)
For those looking to gain knowledge on action effects in Adobe After Effects…Look no further! Dope Motion provides yet another excellent tutorial toward making Particle Explosions. You can use the easy to follow guide to expand your knowledge further. Particle effects can be used in multiple video scenarios. You can rest assure your videos will leave a BOOMING impact on your viewers. Videography is hard to master and why to spend hundreds of dollars for a class when you could learn in your own bedroom! Dope Motion’s 20-minute tutorial covers all the basic and advanced techniques to particle effects, entirely custom to your video’s needs. After effects were never so easy to pick up.

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

Urban Opener

Bring city-life ambiance to your video with the Urban Opener by Envato. Perfect for travelogue, street art, or any modern video you are wanting to amp up. Sleek and exclusive openings by Envato are always premium quality. Luckily for a limited time this beautiful opening available with your FREE 30 DAY Trial of Envato Elements! Professional quality for only a few dollars. Colors are fully changeable and can be tailored to your video’s theme. Easy for any beginner in After Effects or pro. Envato takes the load off of you and promotes positive viewer feedback. Hurry before it’s price returns to normal, it is truly a one of a kind deal!

7. After Effects Tutorial: Website Presentation in After Effects (Free Project File) (Free)
No plug-ins are required for this tech-savvy tutorial! If you are looking to promote a business or website using After Effects, you have come to the right place. Straightforward tutorial by Dope Motion teaches you how to create a professional and eye-catching website presentation in under 25 minutes, FOR FREE! Walk right through the learning process that will bring up sales and clicks to your website. Simple for novices just learning to get the feel of Adobe After Effects without the lack of details. The tutorial covers track mattes, presentation, slide animation, and much more. FREE project file is included so you can work on your presentation simultaneously while you watch the video! Great tutorial that we highly recommend.

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

8. Animated Gradients in After Effects Tutorial – Quick, Easy and Effective (Free)
Animate gradient effects in Adobe After Effects with ease with this quick and easy tutorial! It is free and effective and perfect for the beginner wanting to learn hands-on experience. Top-quality instructions are given by Ben Marriot, one of our favorite YouTube tutorial makers. Includes not only FREE project files, but FREE brushes! Colors are fully custom to your needs. Ben also replies to many comments, so it is just like having a teacher with you. Gradients can be used in virtually every After Effects video project, and can be real handy to know in videography. Experienced instruction in 10 minutes, what is not to love? Add an extra pinch of sparkle to your videos by using visually pleasing graphics to attract viewers. We highly recommend watching if you are just getting used to After Effects.

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

9. Basic Patterns in After Effects (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

Promo Idents

10. Captain Marvel Energy Effect Tutorial! | Film Learnin (Free)

11. Cinematic Lens Flares in After Effects [FREE Project file] (Free)

12. Colorful Glitch FX Tutorial! 100% After Effects! (Free)

Big Titles Motivational Opener

13. Create Particles Along a Path | After Effects Tutorial (No Plugins) (Free)

14. How To Create A Faux 3D Spin Effect In After Effects (Free)

15. How to Create The Anamorphic Look + Free AE Project File | RocketStock (Free)

Futuristic Cinematic Trailer

16. How to Extrude Text in Adobe After Effects (2019) (Free)

17. Ink Slideshow Animation in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial (Free Project File) (Free)

18. Liquid Text in After Effects Tutorial – Melt Anything! (Free)

Slides Typography

19. Plane Path Animation – Adobe After Effects Tutorial | Download Source File (Free)

20. Rigging a Character with Duik Bassel in After Effects (Free)

21. Simple Squiggling Line – Adobe After Effects tutorial (Free)

HUD Builder

22. Sine Wave Hair (and more!) – Adobe After Effects tutorial (Free)

23. Smooth Text Animation in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial (Free)

24. Smooth Text Animation In After Effects – After Effects Tutorial (Free Project File) (Free)

25. Thanos portal effect with project file [NO PLUGIN][AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL] (Free)

26. VHS Glitch Effect In After Effects – After Effects Tutorial (Free)

27. Wiggle Expression After Effects Tutorial (Quick Tutorial) (Free)

Explainer Video Toolkit

Free Templates & Presets

I’ve compiled a list og Templates & Presets to help you learn and finish your projects faster. If you have an item you’d like to be added to the list you can submit your file here.

28. 48 Free After Effects Presets (Free)

29. Action Hits Toolkit: 70+ Free Action Compositing Elements (Free)

30. Clean Slideshow (Free)

Fashion Media Opener

31. Fast Slides: Free After Effects Slideshow Template (Free)

32. Fast Slides: Free After Effects Slideshow Template (Free)

33. Free After Effects Slideshow Templates (Free)

150 Splatter Animations + Opener

34. Free Dynamic Colorful Slideshow (Free)

35. Free Elegant Slideshow (Free)

36. Free Modern Fast Promo After Effects Templates (Free)

Lower Thirds

37. Free Parallax Opener After Effects Templates (Free)

38. Free Parallax Opener After Effects Templates (Free)

Free Lower Thirds

Lower thirds are arguable one of the most used and useful elements. To help you I’ve identified a handful of good ones you can download for free! If you have an item you’d like to be added to the list you can submit your file here.

39. *FREE* 2D Lower Thirds Pack (Ae Template) Motion Fx (Free)

40. 12 Turn Lower Thirds (Free)

41. Free 4K Lower Thirds for After Effects (Free)

Lower Thirds

42. Free Lower Thirds After Effects (Free)

43. Free Lower Thirds Templates After Effects (Free)

44. Image Lower Thirds & Titles (Free)

Premium Typography Pack

45. Simple & Flat After Effects Lower Third Template (Free)

46. Simple After Effects Lower Third Template (Free)

Free Logo Templates

Much like Lower Thirds, Logo templates are also often used. If you haven’t had need for a logo template yet, you will soon. Here are a few to help you with your project! If you have an item you’d like to be added to the list you can submit your file here..

47. 3 FREE Animated Logo Reveals (Free)

48. 4K Logo Reveal V.1 (Free)

49. 4K Logo Reveal V.2 (Free)

Super Hero Logo Reveal

50. After Effects Dominoes Effect Logo Reveal (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

51. After Effects Tutorial: Particle Logo Animation (Project Free Download) (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

52. Blue action Logo Reveal (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

Neon Billboard Logo Revealer

53. Clean Logo Flip Intro (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

54. Click: 3 Free Logo Reveals for After Effects (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

55. Fast Flip: Logo Reveal Template (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

Transforming Element3D Logo

56. Free After Effects Template #2 : Another 2D Logo Introduction (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

57. Hi-Tech Logo Reveal (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

58. Hiro: Free Anime-Inspired Logo Reveal (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

Logo Reveal

59. Minimal Logo kick (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

60. Orbital: A Free HUD Logo Reveal for After Effects (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

61. Photo Rotate Logo (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

VHS Madness Logo Reveal

62. Super Logo (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

Free Titles Packs

Here is an assortment of some great After Effects Titles Packs. These will definitely come in handy as you create your best work yet! If you have an item you’d like to be added to the list you can submit your file here.

63. 12 Free Modern Titles (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads


64. 6 Free After Effects Titles (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

65. Free Classic Kinetic Titles (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

66. Free Flipped Titles (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

Universal Titles

67. FREE Minimal Titles Pack (Ae Template) Motion fx (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

68. Free Pop Up Titles (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

69. Modern Titles V6 FREE (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

Title Animations

70. Poly Titles: A Free After Effects Template (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

71. Text Animation & Kinetic Typography For After Effects (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

72. Unity Lite: 5 Free Wedding Titles and 16 Light Leaks (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads


Free Transition Packs

After Effects Transition Packs are probably the most popular file type for editors. They quickly create visual stimulation that adds that “wow” factor to your clips. Here is a small, but growing list of free after effects transition packs. If you have an item you’d like to be added to the list you can submit your file here.

73. Free Wavy Transitions Pack #2 | After Effects CC17 (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

74. Sam Kolder Transitions Presets Pack | After Effects CC 2017 (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

75. 30 Free Line Transitions (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads


Other Free Files

So this is a list of files that are beautiful, useful, and not easily categorized. I’m sure more will be added here in the coming weeks! If you have an item you’d like to be added to the list you can submit your file here.

76. Franchise (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

77. Free After Effects Template: Animated Font (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

78. Ribbon: A Free Animated Typeface for Editors (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

Logo Zeus

79. Short Opener (Free)

Download TemplateGet Unlimited Downloads

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