53 Best Final Cut Pro X Templates [2020]

Don’t waste time making average videos that people won’t finish and if they do, they won’t watch more than once or share with their friends. Instead, one (or all) of these amazing templates to create your best work and do it in less time than normal. If you use Final Cut Pro this is not […]

The Best Service for Video Creators?

You have a project you’re working on and want to make it perfect. You have two options: 1. Spend the next 10 – 12 hours crafting a beautiful intro. That would cause you to go 7 hours over the budgeted time and at $100 per hour, that’s $700 in lost time, lost sleep, and the […]

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5 Ways to be a BETTER Creative Freelancer in 2021

Watch this video to learn how to get paid and get more clients as a freelance videographer as well as other useful tips to help you have a successful freelance business.